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1998 buick regal gs supercharged

ALL THE parts your CAR will ever need are registered trademarks of RockAuto, LLC.
In the regal case of the Regal para GS, this cheap modification will raise horsepower from regal 240 bhp to 280-300 bhp.
Buick Regal in Houston, TX minecraft 13 listings regalos starting at 990, buick Regal in Kansas City, MO 1 listings starting at 4,999, buick Regal in Los tecnologia Angeles, CA animal 1 listings starting at 15,977.
CarGurus has 2,379 nationwide Regal listings starting at 2,999.This was enough to propel the Regal GS from 0 60 mph in an impressive.7 seconds.Grandpa Looks, the Buick Regal is also a supercharged pretty boring looking car, it blends supercharged in with normal cars.Luckily the very popular medications scubas the smaller pulley on the blower are very cheap.Its also pretty accurate, buick as the Regal is a family sedan, and cielo the GS is for the go fast family.Just like the Terminator Cobra, a small pulley and novedades new belt is only a couple regalos hundred dollars.RockAuto name, niños logo and. Grandpa car, ugly, slow?
Since its supercharged, and more specifically its a screw blower, the power comes on instantaneously.

RockAuto, LLC - Madison, Wisconsin USA.The power also comes on very low in the regal RPM range, resulting in a significado huge amount of torque which makes it great perfume for driving around town and in traffic.Thats right, the perfume 4th generation Buick Regal GS, produced from, with its 3800 Series.8 Liter V6 with a supercharger strapped.The only exterior difference between the regalar Regal GS and a standard Regal is the rear forma wing, so unless you look for the wing, you wouldnt be able to tell the difference from the outside.Whats funny regalar is that in 1997 when the Regal GS was released, it was advertised as the car for the supercharged family.A modified Regal GS will pretty easily regalar run 12-13 second 1/4 mile, but thats not the best part.That is pretty good considering the Mustang and Camaro of the time were making nearly the same amount of power as the Regal.Price, the Buick Regal GS is also cheap to buy, and insure since its a 90s GM car.Manufacturer names and logos in the RockAuto catalog are trademarks of their respective companies and are used only to identify their products.Ford Mustang 10,191 listings starting at 5,995, honda Accord 12,947 listings starting at 3,995, honda Civic 11,495 listings starting at 3,999.The 1/4 mile is run in a fairly impressive.9 seconds.Buick Regal in Dallas, TX 4 listings starting at 4,500, buick Regal in Denver, CO regalar 4 listings starting at 1,988, buick Regal in Detroit, MI 18 listings starting at 500.Thats whats so great about the Regal GS, it looks identical to the standard Regal which is a grandpa mobile. Thats a pretty funny and good marketing logo.
Mercedes-Benz significado C-Class 5,469 listings starting at 6,500, nissan Altima 15,175 listings starting at 2,950, nissan Sentra 7,664 listings starting at 2,799.

Think of an early 2000s Buick, what comes to mind?
By todays standards the Regal GS is pretty slow, but back when it was new buick those were very respectable performance numbers.