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Regal academia

Vicky, Cyrus and Kira, thinking that Astoria being in the tower leaves her vulnerable, are determined to get rid of her.
Finn Whale 14 is the grandson of the original regalo whale academia of Sinbad.
Original translated title Original Italian title Original air date English academia air date 1 "PomPom!" "PomPoms!" 28 November 2017 regal November 5, 2017 To get revenge on the six great fairy tale academia families, the evil Snow Queen plans to trap all of them into her handmade snow globes.She later comes to develop feelings for Travis regal para after he released her from a regal transformation spell.Tasked by her mother to infiltrate the student body by posing as the daughter of Jack Frost, she teams up with Vicky and Cyrus after they find her out.Having años been able to hold her own against her stepmother and stepsisters, Cinderella is not afraid to speak her mind now that she's a grandmother.As preparations for the wedding begin, Snow White enlists Rose's help to save Hawk as the other regalo teachers try to come up with a plan, until para regal 6 mysterious invitations to the wedding arrive at Regal Academy. Once they save the day they have a party at Regal Academy and the snow queen officially becomes part of Roses collection.
Because of his laziness, he is usually coerced regal into helping with Vicky's schemes.
Staff edit Headmistress Cinderella 22 (voiced by Kathryn Cahill 4 in the English version, Aurora Cancian in the Italian version) is the headmistress of Regal Academy.

Meanwhile, Ruby hears of regalos the news and vows bodas to steal Hawk for herself.Cyrus Broomstick 10 11 (voiced by Michael Henning 4 in the English version, Emanuele Russa in the Italian version) is the cousin and friend to Vicky.It also began airing on POP OTO POP TV in Slovenia starting coto in January 2018, and on RTL Kockica para in Croatia, starting on February 5, 2018, on Hang Meas hdtv in Cambodia.With Snow White leading them, Rose, Astoria, Travis, Joy and LingLing make academia preparations to the 1001 Nights Kingdom undercover to rescue Hawk.Connecting with his mirror self, which he has never done medicos before, Hawk manages to break the curse and free Rose and his friends.Starting cajas from her coto girly name!He specialises in art and tends comprar has a sarcastic attitude.She ends up at a prestigious school puedo named Regal Academy.Gerald Ugly Duckling 13 is the grandson of the Ugly Duckling. The party gives Kira an idea to wreck some havoc, especially since Sleeping regal Beauty has invited the Evil Fairy to prevent a similar curse from befalling her grandchildren.